Month: December 2016

Looking for a Place Near Percy Priest Lake

I guessed that this place was pretty close to the J. Percy Priest Reservoir and after I got done looking the place over I asked the rental agent how far it was to the lake. He told me it was less than five minutes, although he was not sure how far it was to the nearest place you could launch a boat. I had been looking for apartments for rent in Antioch TN, and this was a pretty big deal to me. Of course the lake is really big and so there are a whole lot of places that are within easy driving distance of the shores. I was sort of thinking about finding a place where I could walk down to the shore, in a part of the lake where the bass are prevalent. Of course I like to fish at night with a crank bait.

That is the most fun that you can have fishing, it is not boring like a lot of types of fishing where you are just sitting and waiting. You are actively trying to attract the fish and when they hit something on the top of the water that is a real thrill. Of course you want to take a cooler with a cold six pack of beer along. That is why I would like to find a place that is within walking distance of the lake. Obviously you do not want to drinking and driving every night. That just is not a good idea and I have not gotten behind the wheel after drinking for a very long time. I used to do it way too much when I was a much younger man, but it was really stupid then and it would be a lot more stupid now that I know better.